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Surgical Dressing Instructions

  • You will have a Mepilex surgical dressing (see picture below) after surgery
    • This will stay on for a total of 7 days after surgery
    • You may shower with your dressing on but NO BATHS!
      • Pat dressing dry gently when finished
  • Often times your physical therapist or home care nurse will remove your surgical dressing for you
    • If they do not, you may do so 1 week after surgery
    • You will have a mesh dressing (Prineo – see picture below) underneath your outer dressing
      • Take care removing the outer dressing and do not disrupt the mesh underneath
      • This mesh is also waterproof and you can shower with it on
      • It may fray at the edges and you can carefully use scissors to remove any residual mesh
      • Typically the mesh dressing will stay on for a total of 3-4 weeks
        • It may be removed at 3 weeks in clinic or in 4 weeks at home as needed
      • If your dressing falls off prior to these times, please contact us for further instructions.

    Please call our office with any questions or concerns: 248.650.2400

    Surgical Dressing Instructions

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