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Frequently Asked Questions after Hip Replacement Surgery

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Frequently Asked Questions after Hip Replacement Surgery
Frequently Asked Questions after Hip Replacement Surgery

Some of you may remember the popular slogan in the ‘90s - “You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.” You may not hear that slogan on a commercial anymore, but if you have questions after hip replacement surgery, we have answers for you.

Deciding to have hip replacement surgery is a big decision. It requires careful consideration and open dialogue with your doctor. These 5 questions are a great starting point for a conversation with your doctor when you begin to consider hip replacement.

How long will recovery take?

Full recovery times vary based on the individual patient and the type of procedure. . The majority of your recovery will take place in the first 4-6 weeks after surgery with the remainder coming over the next year. Physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises can help you on that road to full recovery.

How long will I need to take off work?

It is recommended that you take off 2-6 weeks based on your job. Patients working at a desk can return to work more quickly than those in a manual labor position with greater physical demands.

How long before I can drive?

Usually you can resume driving after you are off your pain medication and feel strong enough and safe enough to drive. If surgery was performed on your left leg, assuming you don't drive a manual transmission vehicle, you can start driving once off narcotic pain medication. If surgery was performed on your right leg, you can typically resume driving between 3-4 weeks after surgery.

How soon can I resume activity?

Every patient is different, but most patients are walking with or without a cane/walker/crutches on the day of surgery. You should increase your activity level each day, but be careful not to over do it. Let your pain be your guide. Hip precautions are given after surgery and should be followed for the first six weeks. If you overdo it (and you probably will at some point!) rest and use your pain medication to relieve any pain and swelling.

Once you elect to have surgery, your procedure is not the final destination. Full recovery is the final destination. Along the way, you will have other questions after surgery. I want you to have answers to all your questions so that you can have confidence throughout the whole journey.

You can find more FAQs here as well as additional help for recovery in my blogs. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers to help you walk through hip replacement.

Dr. Frisch is a specialist orthopedic surgeon focusing on minimally invasive hip and knee joint replacement as well as complex primary and revision surgery. He believes in creating a very personalized experience with the highest level of service. For all appointments & inquiries, please contact our offices located in Rochester, River District, or Tawas City, MI.

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