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When to See a Knee Surgeon About Your Arthritis Pain?

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When to See a Knee Surgeon About Your Arthritis Pain?
When to See a Knee Surgeon About Your Arthritis Pain?

Did you know that 14 million people in the US suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee?1 Arthritis of the knee can be especially debilitating, hindering your ability to walk or climb stairs. Depending on the severity of your knee arthritis, it can be difficult to determine when your pain is significant enough to see a knee surgeon. But we have got you covered!

Here are some signs that may indicate you should schedule a visit with your knee surgeon:

  • Persistent or Worsening Pain

    When your arthritic pain becomes severe enough to impact your day-to-day life or sleep, it may be time to see a physician. Furthermore, if your pain is gradually worsening or not responding to conservative pain management, surgical intervention can help.

  • Difficulty Engaging in Everyday Tasks

    Your knee joint is essential for basic physical activities such as walking or climbing stairs. When the pain becomes so severe that it is difficult to walk, it is time to see your knee surgeon.

  • Severe Inflammation

    The definition of arthritis is joint inflammation. While mild inflammation can be manageable, severe inflammation can indicate a worsening condition or underlying issue that should be discussed with your physician.

  • Inability to Bear Weight

    When your knee pain has become so severe that you are unable to bear your full weight without support, you are at a significantly higher risk of a fall. To protect yourself and your knee joints, see your knee surgeon as soon as possible.

  • Joint Deformities

    When knee arthritis becomes severe, it can lead to joint deformities such as “knock-knees” or “bow legs”. This misalignment of the knee joint will contribute to even more knee pain. Fortunately, a knee surgeon can help treat these deformities and the pain associated.

Ultimately, the signs listed above are all indications of a severe progression to your knee arthritis. When arthritis of the knee has become unmanageable and conservative treatments have failed, knee replacement surgery is often recommended. If you are suffering from chronic knee pain due to your arthritis, contact Dr. Frisch at FrischOrtho for a consultation today!

Dr. Nicholas Frisch is a specialist orthopedic surgeon focusing on minimally invasive hip and knee joint replacement as well as complex primary and revision surgery. He believes in creating a personalized experience with the highest level of service. For all appointments & inquiries, please contact our offices located in Rochester and River District, MI.


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