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Tips for a Speedy Recovery After Robotic Knee Replacement

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Tips for a Speedy Recovery After Robotic Knee Replacement
Tips for a Speedy Recovery After Robotic Knee Replacement

A robotic knee replacement closely mirrors the conventional procedure, augmented by the precision and assistance of a robotic arm during the surgery. This greater precision allows for less bone and tissue disruption. Although robotic knee replacement does tout many advantages, a faster recovery is not automatically guaranteed. Follow these proactive tips to further the chance of a speedy and successful robotic knee replacement recovery:

Robotic Knee Replacement Recovery Tips:

  • Walk Frequently - getting back to physical activity quickly is crucial to recovery. Walking helps prevent complications such as blood clots while keeping joints limber.
  • Eat Healthy Foods - eating healthy and nutritious foods, especially those high in iron helps to carry oxygen throughout the body. Oxygen promotes healing.
  • Get Plenty of Rest - resting allows the body to recover fully and correctly. Balancing the need for regular movement with the need for rest is imperative to recovery.
  • Wear Supportive Devices - knee braces and other supportive devices may aid recovery if recommended by stabilizing the joint and preventing falls.
  • Begin Physical Therapy - physical therapy is crucial to recovery. Targeted exercises can strengthen the muscles surrounding the new joint. They can also help the patient to overcome mobility restrictions.

Contact Frisch Ortho for a robotic knee replacement consultation today. We would love to answer any questions you or your loved one may have. Speedy and successful recoveries are our top priority!

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