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The Role of Protein in Tissue Repair After Knee Replacement

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The Role of Protein in Tissue Repair After Knee Replacement
The Role of Protein in Tissue Repair After Knee Replacement

Protein contributes to the structure, supports the function, and improves the regulation of the body’s tissues and organs. Protein provides the amino acid building blocks for bones, cartilage, blood, and muscles. It’s no wonder that high-quality proteins also play a crucial role in the body’s recovery after surgery. Following knee replacement surgery, protein helps to repair the muscles that were injured during surgery. Eating well and consuming adequate protein gives the body's immune system a necessary boost and helps to keep a patient’s recovery moving in the right direction.

Benefits of Protein after Knee Replacement Surgery:

  • Replace Blood Loss
  • Repair Damaged Tissue
  • Improve Muscle Health
  • Recover Strength and Energy
  • Prevent Inflammation and Infection

During knee replacement surgery, the body is under stress and its ability to nourish cells and heal itself is impaired. Even with minimally invasive techniques, a degree of tissue/muscle loss is inevitable following surgery. Inadequate protein intake can exacerbate the issue resulting in decreased strength and functionality. It is crucial to focus on eating the foods that will fuel the body throughout the recovery process.

While it is important to increase protein intake post-surgery, the quality of the protein being consumed is also critical to successful tissue repair. Committing to high-quality, rich-in-nutrient proteins such as lean meats, eggs, fish, and nuts can make a substantial impact on tissue repair and recovery time after a knee replacement.

If you or your loved one is in need of knee replacement and is considering surgery, the experts at Frisch Ortho are here to answer your question questions pre and post-surgery. Reach out to learn more recovery tips after knee replacement surgery today!

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