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Latest Technology In Knee Replacement Surgery

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Latest Technology In Knee Replacement Surgery
Latest Technology In Knee Replacement Surgery

Advancements in medical technology have transformed the field of orthopedic surgery, particularly the area of knee replacement. In recent years significant developments have emerged, one of them being the introduction of Smart Knee technology.

The Smart Knee implant is the first of its kind. The FDA-approved device contains a small Bluetooth-enabled sensor within the prosthesis, keeping you connected to your healthcare team at all times. It is proven to be biocompatible with your body because it uses similar material and technology found in other implanted devices. The Smart Knee implant collects important data such as advances in the patient's range of motion, stride and gait length, walking speed, and how many steps are being taken without collecting data on your location. The smart device transmits all the data to a secured database, allowing Surgeons to keep up with the post-surgery recovery remotely and in real-time. Surgeons have never had an apparatus to monitor healing from inside the body until now using the smart knee implant.

The smart knee implant has proven to be very beneficial to patients after having knee joint replacement. If you are considering this device, some of the benefits are:

  • Remote Monitoring: Your data is collected daily, which is extremely important for your recovery. The Smart Knee technology allows surgeons to keep up with your progress remotely and make adjustments in a timely manner.
  • No Maintenance: After implantation, the patient is not responsible for any data collection. And there is no worry about charging the device as it runs on a medical-grade battery system that will last up to 10 years.
  • Personalization: A personally tailored rehabilitation plan allows targeted exercises to aid you in a smooth, quick recovery. The smart knee allows your surgeon to monitor your recovery plan and ensure you are progressing as you should in your recovery.

The innovation of the smart knee system has transformed the way surgeons approach knee replacement. As technology continues to advance, we can further anticipate breakthroughs that will continue to improve the orthopedic field of knee replacements. Make an appointment with Dr. Nicholas Frisch today to begin a life free of knee pain.

Dr. Frisch is a specialist orthopedic surgeon focusing on minimally invasive hip and knee joint replacement as well as complex primary and revision surgery. He believes in creating a very personalized experience with the highest level of service. For all appointments & inquiries, please contact our offices located in Rochester and River District, MI.

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