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Advantages of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

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Advantages of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery
Advantages of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

Advantages of Robotic Knee Replacement SurgeryThe intervention of cutting-edge robotics is an important evolutionary step in the rapidly advancing field of joint replacement surgery. It offers many benefits for both patients and surgeons. Here are some of the advantages of robotic knee replacement surgery:



  • High Precision Surgery: The knee implants are placed with a very high-level accuracy and precision. This allows better alignment of the bones and soft tissue balancing ensuring a high functioning knee joint.

  • Minimal Surgical Trauma: The surgery is performed through small incisions and there is less injury to surrounding healthy tissue such as blood vessels, nerves, muscles or ligaments.

  • Improved Safety: The robotic arm is more stable than the human arm minimizing risk of human error and is programmed to keep surgical instruments within the safety zone while performing bone excisions to enable perfect fit of the implant components

  • Faster Recovery: Because of the minimally invasive nature of the surgery, robotic knee replacement can usually be performed in the outpatient setting or at an ambulatory center. Select patients can expect to return home on the same day as the surgery minimizing risk of cross infections.

  • Longer Lasting Implant: The likelihood of complications such as implant loosening or failure is much less. Because the implant positioning closely resembles the original joint, most patient’s report a more natural feel of the knee and better support from the muscles and ligaments which contributes to increasing the lifespan of the implant.






If you are considering knee replacement surgery for worsening knee pain and disability, you might be a candidate for robotic assisted knee replacement. Book an appointment with us for an in-depth evaluation and personalized treatment recommendation





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